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Ellie Cowboy Straw Hat - Tan with Caramel Band

Ellie Cowboy Straw Hat - Tan with Caramel Band

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This Ellie Cowboy Straw Hat features a stylish teal band and is expertly crafted from high-quality straw. Its wide brim provides ample sun protection while its classic design adds a touch of Western charm. Made for both fashion and function, this hat is perfect for any summer adventure.

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  • Material: This cowboy / cowgirl hat is made from 100% straw, which is comfortable, environmentally friendly, and retains the perfect shape. Wire brim on the edge makes it shapeable to your desire.
  • Size: 4 inch deep crown, 3.5 inch wide shapeable brim.. One size fits most crowns, up to approximately 24 inches
  • Breathable: These straw cowboy / cowgirl hats are breathable and comfortable, suitable for spring, summer, or general warm weather. Includes a sweat absorbent flexible inner band for comfort.
  • Sun Protection: These straw cowboy hats sport a long 3.5 inch brim that provides glorious shade to your face to protect from damaging UV sun rays.



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